This agreement must be copied and emailed to susysunshine@live.comorbrought in person.
You will not be allowed access to the property without this document signed and on file.

WELCOME!  Shekinah Eco-Village at White Hill welcomes you to share our stewardship over this special and beautiful piece of Mother Earth.  Please enjoy your stay, and have a lot of fun.  Shekinah Eco-Villages is a privately held 501[C]3 non profit foundation in the public interest. While you are here, you are on private property held in trust for the planet and sustainable, non-impacting lifestyles. Please remember this and observe the following:

1. The private community area is off limits unless a community member has specifically invited you there. Please respect the privacy of the permanent members.

2. Do not cut any living wood unless directed by a group leader, and follow the directions of the local community directors with respect to dead wood. Just because a tree is dead does not mean it does not have a place of honor and beauty. Likewise leave all rocks and minerals as you found them.

3.  Do not harm the wildlife, including rodents, reptiles, and insects. There is no hunting allowed by guests.

4. Do not under any conditions light any fires in other than pre-existing fire pits. The trees are juniper and pine, take many years to grow, and burn very fast even when green. Smoking of any kind outside the designated structures is strictly prohibited.

5. This is a family friendly environment. There is no public nudity, lewd behavior, intoxication, profanity, or other such activities. Shekinah Eco-Villages must approve firearms. Be courteous.

6.  Stay on the marked paths, and in the designated campgrounds. The chaparral soil is very fragile, and the soil life, though not obvious to the general eye, is precious and takes a long time to recover. If you would like to explore, please ask a guide or community member where to see what.

7. If you are here as part of a work / educational excursion, honor that agreement and finish your duties as contracted before doing the fun stuff. If your only purpose in coming is to have fun at the expense of the community without contributing anything in return, you are invited to go elsewhere. This is not a public campground.

8. No illegal activity will be tolerated at any time. This includes underage drinking and tobacco use, as well as all illegal drugs at any age. Any illegal activity will be promptly reported to local law enforcement.

9. The gardens and greenhouses are privately held and harvested. If you are here as part of a green-housing project, and wish to share in the abundance, ask your proctor or the greenhouse coordinator, including Grow Utah First or Nourish, for permission and guidance.

10. Please stay with your group and eat in designated areas and at designated times. The kitchen areas are not for snacking unless this is part of the package you signed up for.

11. Entertainment is probably part of your package, so please enjoy yourself. The local residents and wildlife deserve their peace and quiet, so observe normal rules of conduct in social situations. All loud activities must cease between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM weekdays, and midnight and 6:00 AM weekends.  

12. All occupants of this site, no matter how temporary, must sign the attached waiver / hold harmless agreement and return it to the officer of the Open Mind Foundation for filing. This is a legally binding document and limits the liability of the OMF. If you do not understand any of it, get advice. If you do not agree with it, you are welcome to stay free of the property and go elsewhere.


Shekinah Eco-Villages is pleased to offer a variety of activities in support of personal and group empowerment and sovereign living. These include, but are not exclusive to, green-housing, sweat lodges, instructional and work sessions in off grid living, entertainment, and personal hand’s-on healing work.  Along with the intended healing and empowerment created by our activities comes a small potential for liability which we must, unfortunately, recognize and plan for. All activities carry a slight risk of physical and/or psychological trauma in spite of all our planning and safeguards. Hands-on healing work carries a risk as well, and for every large number of clients experiencing a healing transformation, a small number may have a negative experience; we cannot in conscience deny the positive experience for the many to protect the few with negative possibilities. And even group discussions and group meals positive to most attendees may prove inadvertently offensive to others or carry unforeseen risks.  

Therefore, we must insist for our own protection and that of the attendees that all participants sign this waiver before participating in our activities. (Guardians must sign for minors.) Participants under a doctor’s care must submit a written doctor’s release.  

I, ___________________________, state that I have no adverse medical conditions and am taking no medications that would preclude me from these activities. I agree to hold harmless Shekinah Eco-Villages, and any subsidiaries, officers, chattels, or designated partners for any damages, injuries, theft, or any other liabilities that may occur directly or indirectly as a result of these activities, including all legal fees and court costs, should such occur. I further recognize that Shekinah Eco-Village is a Federally registered 501[C]3 non-profit organization in the public interest, and is required to meet regulatory requirements that supersedes any private business arrangements. Should a conflict of interest occur, the we must defer to the Federal guidelines, and is held by me harmless for all potential indemnity that may be incurred thereby.

By signing this document either electronically or in person you agree to the guidelines in the Welcome Letter. If you do not abide by these guidelines, you will be asked to leave.

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