Spirituality -We have no set religion or spiritual belief. We have a Judeo-Christian background and a lot of us enjoy parts of Native American or Eastern spiritual practices. Most belong to churches and are supported in that choice.

Work Ethic - We all work minimal community hours while valuing free time and the pursuit of personal empowerment.

Conflict Resolution - We commit to constructively and peacefully working out our differences.

Personal Sovereignty - We support the principles of freedom. We take personal responsibility for our actions and our needs.

Diet - Most of us are omnivorous with a few vegetarians, vegans and raw.

Relationships – Our community consists of families, couples and singles in a wholesome atmosphere. We value exclusive committed relationships.


Sustainability - Our building practices, water usage, food production, and energy production aspire to a seven generation model. We abide by the ethics of Perma-culture.

Alternative Buildings – Net Zero Buildings

Leadership - We strive for consensus, but accept decisions with an 80% majority if consensus cannot be reached.

Limitations - Our community is free of all illegal activities including drugs. We have no public nudity, freeloaders, vulgarity, visible junk, and abusive behavior. Smoking and alcohol is not allowed.

J. J. Dewey

Family Friendly – Our community is conducive to raising children who are responsible, nurtured, mentally curious, and creative. The adults strive to model healthy behavior.