Shekinah Eco-Villages are sustainable, green, off–the-grid communities that nurture sovereign and responsible citizens. We are looking for mature, responsible people with skills of all types: teachers, builders, artists, professionals, healers, businessmen, musicians, craftsman, seamstresses and chefs, to name a few.

We envision a large community center surrounded by twelve to eighteen homes with a comparable number of guest homes nestled in the middle of ninety acres. The community center plans include a commercial kitchen, dining area, library, media center, rooms for guests, a healing center, craft room, play room, wood shop, classrooms, and greenhouse. We envision a commercial site for businesses, storage sheds, a few farm animals and gardens of all kinds. Working together we can be free of so much: utility bills, mortgages, high food costs, ill health, and stress. We will have creative, fulfilling and personally sustaining work; living and working together, so that people's lives and work are integrated into a unified environment.

While most of us have a Judeo-Christian background, many incorporate other belief systems: Native American, New Age, Eastern and others. We are a spiritual rather than a particular religion group, though individuals with a particular religion/belief system are supported.

The community offers workshops and wellness training devoted to health, joy and living sustainability. Using CHI to represent the spirit of our community our fundamental principles are Commitment, Honor and Integrity.

COMMITMENT: (agreement, pledge) Each adult commits to one to ten hours of community service a week on average, depending on Membership type. We uphold the principles and by-laws of Shekinah Eco Villages. We honor the living earth and commit to use only that which we need. While respecting individual needs, we minimize materialism and the habit of ever-increasing consumption that is common in the West today. We care for all life nonviolently and humanely.

HONOR: (revere or hold in high regard) We honor committed relationships between two people and strive to be good role models for the children. All members and guests on the property honor and respect others boundaries. We take responsibility for our actions. We reveal, not conceal our frustrations or problems with others in the community. We honor other members by working through challenges with honesty, insight and kindness. We honor personal sovereignty and acknowledge our responsibilities as citizens.

INTEGRITY: (adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character and honesty) Our word is our bond. If we say we will do something, we honor that commitment. We abide by the intent of the community documents and not just by the words and legalities. We fulfill our hours of service, and respect and truly care for others.

If you are a committed, honorable and integral person who would like to live in a sustainable community of spiritual, fun-loving and kind people, Shekinah Eco-Village is the place for you. While part of our motivation for this community is to provide a refuge from possible civil meltdown, regardless, we aim to create the ideal sustainable community of the future.

For a fuller over-all vision see White Paper